Session Information

I am so excited you have chosen Brenna Page Photography to capture this amazing moment in your lives. With an in-home approach to newborn photography there are so many elements to keep in mind and prepare for. While I will bring everything we will need photography wise, the preparation work is of equal importance in order for things to run smoothly so that I can deliver the best product possible. If we work as a team and by following these easy steps, I believe we will have a very successful session. 

1.     Feeding, make sure your baby has a nice full belly right before I arive. I can then immediately begin the session and hopefully get a good hour or two in before your baby will need to eat again. If needed you can always top your baby throughout the session to ensure a long sleep stretch. 

2.     Sleeping, keep your baby awake for as long as you can during the hours leading up to my arrival to optimize for long sleep times during the session. Do whatever you have to do to keep your little awake. Some ways to keep your baby awake might be talking/playing with them, give them a bath, or even let them have time just to kick and roll in their diaper. 

3.     Clothes for baby, dress your baby in a onesie or diaper shirt (no collar) that is a solid muted colour or tone, with no logos or words.

4.    Bathing, please give your baby a bath the morning of or a few hours before your session with warm water or soft soaps that you have previously tried only. While it is ideal to have your baby nice and clean, free of crusties please do not try a new soap or lotion that might upset your baby's skin and look red or rashy for the pictures.

5.     Clothes for you, wear something comfortable. Dressing in light natural muted tones will create the best look and your clothing will not be drawing attention away from the main focus (your baby!). Be sure there are no logos or graphics on the front of your clothing. Siblings can wear a neurtal-colored top with no logos on the front. Make sure their hair is brushed, faces are clean, and they are very well rested! Dress in layers. Your home should be very warm around 25 degrees so it will be nice to be able to take off a layer once the family portion is done. 

6.    What to have ready, 

  • Pacifier - if your baby does not currently take a pacifier, I suggest having one ready anyways. Sometimes this can help to soothe and relax the baby with the natural sucking motion. Babies will eat way more than usual during their session so don’t be alarmed. That being said being I am comfortable with whatever you are so if they will not take a pacifier, nursing will be perfectly fine too. 
  • Burping cloth/towel - as I'm sure you have come to know already spit ups can happen at any time.

 7. Snacks,  please have water, snacks and something to do during the session. Sit back, relax, watch a movie, answer emails, or even have a nap! Sessions can last more than 2 hours sometimes so make sure everyone is on the same page. 

8. Caffeine, If you are nursing NO CAFFEINE (pop, coffee, tea, ice tea) for the entire day leading up to your session. Any sort of spicy foods or caffeine may make your baby alert, uncomfortable, or have an upset tummy. We need to make sure everyone does their part to minimize awake times.

9. Patience, do not feel disappointed if even after all the prep work you have done your baby is still not sleepy. Not every baby likes getting their picture taken, being put in strange positions, etc. I take every session as it comes, and trust me I have the patience for all scenarios. It may shock you how much work and time goes into one shot but rest assured these things are normal and as every baby is different there is no textbook baby.

10.  After your session, within 2 weeks of your session date you will receive a link to an online gallery. From there a download pin will be sent and instructions on how to purchase prints. You will have one year to order prints and download your session, please make a copy of your session on a hard drive as well as on your computer. 

Please review these key points to ensure the greatest success during your newborn session! I can’t wait to meet your baby and look forward to producing a timeless product for you. Oh and don’t let me forget all those baby snuggles and new baby smell is what I love most!