Pro Tips:

  1. Adding a warm pop of colour against a neutral palette will give your outfit just the right amount of style. 
  2. Avoid neon at all costs. This applies to stripes on kiddos shoes as well. 
  3. Pay special attention to the details! Adding in a scarf, vest, statement necklace or even a small bouquet can provide the perfect amount of punch to any outfit. 
  4. Avoid clothing with thick stripes and logos. Choose clothing that is more timeless and have options that balance each other.
  5. Don’t be afraid to mix patters and textures! Gone are the days of white shirts and denim. 
  6. Ditch the winter jackets and layer up with undershirts and long undies! Add a puffer vest of a scarf for a pop of texture. 
  7. Still stuck? Creams, browns and tans are impossible to screw up and will never go out of style! Just skip black and white. 
  8. Have twinsies? Dress then uniquely and embrace their individually! Same is true for all siblings. 
  9. Ditch the sports watches and hair ties on the wrists! Keep in mind that small bracelets can sometimes photograph as a hair band.
  10. Wear your makeup roughly 20% darker than you would normally wear. It will help add depth and contouring.
  11. The brighter the colour, the less there should be of it across the whole family.