Hi, I am Brenna Bartley.

A look into who am is hard to figure out when talking about yourself is not an easy task. So I'll talk about some of my "likes"

I like the farm life that I've lived for 20 years. Work 1st, play later is a good motto to have. It doesn't mean all there is is work, it means the work always gets done 1st, so you better get at it!

I like living in a community where every single person knows who you are, if you're driving a new vehicle, where you don't need ID at the bank, and where you volunteer to make 500 hamburger patties with the ladies for upcoming curling bonspiels.

I like floating in the summer on the dugout watering hole for the cows and not caring that the "beach" is actually solid mud with some fresh cow patties mixed in.

I like sitting on the deck and hot hearing a single other sound other than birds chirping happily or farm machinery going past.

I like the simple life where work has value in more ways than just dollars.

I have an eye for detail, with an natural intuition for photography in my own perspective nature. Making personal connections comes easy to me and my goal during a session is to make my clients feel natural, embracing their best selves, pure joy, all while embracing nature.