NAT & NOOR featured at Daines & Daubney Wainwright

In the town of Wainwright, is one of my favourite stores in all the land.

Daines & Daubney on main street is full of so many beautiful things. One can browse for hours and find many treasures for the home. Classic, Beautiful, Modern, Timeless, Farmhouse, are words one may use to describe this hidden treasure. The feeling you get the moment you walk in the door is so unique and heart felt, you have to experience it to know the true feeling. IKEA on steroids is how some may describe it, with realistic in home set ups you can visualize how your bedroom, kitchen, or living room may feel with all the pieces of decor set in place.

New to the store is the hand made hair clips by a company called NAT & NOOR, these retro hair pieces are so unique and an awesome addition to your collection or gift to a special friend.

Stop in and check out all the unique treasures Dana has in store as a gift for yourself or a friend!