When deciding on a topic for my thesis presentation I had so many ideas that I was passionate about. Do I go in the direction of a personal matter, fashion and beauty based, or a public issue. How about combining the three to make something so meaningful to me, with beautiful women and their babies, and a public issue that I feel needs light brought upon.


Working with Sarah was such a unique experience. We had so many variables we had to plan and think about for this shoot. Her bunker gear had to be freshly cleaned so there was no soot or chemicals on it for her baby to be exposed to. We had to work around the on call shifts schedule and daily work tasks. And not to mention the major factor that we were still in an active fire hall that could have sirens and lights going off at any moment and the crew needing the truck to head out for its job at any moment.

Tanya was such a great model to have for this assignment. Her baby boy is so food driven and could nurse all day long if momma had the patience for it, which is what made him such a great model for this assignment. Giving us very large window of opportunity for me to get all the shots and angles I had in mind.

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Thesis Night

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February 8th at the NAIT Shaw Theatre, my classmates and I are hosting an evening of entertainment, art, and of course snacks. There is so much variety within my peers, some are commercial photographers, wedding photographers, portrait, landscape, products, and even everyones favourite animal photographers. Come and check out all the unique artists and see the pieces we have been working so hard on.